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Medical Cannabis Cards

Dr. Joe Cohen specializes in supporting a healthy lifestyle and regaining your health through pairing cannabinoid therapy with Functional Medicine.

He is dedicated to identifying and eliminating triggers of disease and helping the body to heal naturally.

Holos Health Medical Marijuana Cards

Medical Conditions We Specialize In & What We Do

Integrating Functional Medicine and Cannabinoid Therapy is a primary passion and focus for Dr. Cohen because it is where he has witnessed significant results for his clients. He uses his extensive background in Functional Medicine to identify injuries, underlying conditions, and other factors about your general health to tailor a treatment regimen just for you.

Holos Health Medical Marijuana Cards

Medical Conditions We Specialize In

Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic Pain Conditions, Autism, Cancer, PTSD, Nausea, Seizures, Opioid Replacement Therapy, and more.

Holos Health Medical Marijuana Cards

Colorado Medical Marijuana Cards

Dr. Cohen not only provides MMJ Cards, he also has over a decade worth of experience treating thousands of patients with cannabinoid therapy.

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Cannakoru Functional Cannabinoid Medicine

Dr. Cohen has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. With that knowledge he created his own Hemp line called CannaKoru.

How Getting a MMJ Card Works

Getting a Medical Card is easy, and the benefits of getting a MMJ Card include: paying almost 25% less in taxes, access to higher quantity mg products and purchases, ability to grow your own plants, legal access for those under the age of 18 who have serious medical conditions, and a treatment regimen and education about what products, dose, and treatment regimen is right for you. 


Like with most plants and compounds used for medicinal, spiritual, or lifestyle purposes, using plant medicine for medicinal purposes requires education.

The identification of the chemical structure of cannabis components and the possibility of obtaining its pure constituents were related to a significant increase in scientific interest in such plant, since 1965.


This interest was renewed in the 1990's with the description of cannabinoid receptors and the identification of an endogenous cannabinoid system in the brain. Now, a new and more consistent cycle of the use and normalization of the cannabis plant (and its many cannabinoid and plant compounds) as medication begins as treatment effectiveness and safety is starting to be scientifically proven.

How to Get a
Colorado MMJ Card

Book an Appointment

1. Schedule an appointment to see Dr. Cohen for an in-person appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

2. Our online intake form asks for a basic medical history so Dr. Cohen can create a regimen tailored just for you.

*Medical records that state your qualifying condition are only required if you are under 21 years old. Medical records for all under 21 patients must be emailed to us.

Your Consult with Dr. Cohen

1. Your consult with Dr. Cohen includes:

- A thorough Functional Medicine-based appointment with Dr. Cohen.

- A treatment regimen that includes cannabinoid therapy, product & dose recommendations, and holistic or medical recommendations.

- A Physician Certification that is electronically submitted to the State of Colorado MMJ Registry that allows you to apply for a MMJ Card with them.

Apply for a MMJ Card with the State of Colorado MMJ Registry

1. After your appointment with Dr. Cohen, Dr. Cohen will issue a Physician Certification electronically to the State of CO MMJ Registry.


2. This Physician Certification allows you to apply online for a MMJ Card with the CO MMJ Registry through their online application process.

*The Registry charges a $30.93 application fee.


3. New + Renewal Patients:

NEW PATIENTS - New patients need to create an account with the State of CO MMJ Registry.

RENEWAL PATIENTS - Renewal patients will need their State of CO MMJ Registry username and password in order to login to your existing account to complete the State's required application. *Do not create multiple accounts.

Get Approved

1. On average the State of CO MMJ Registry only takes a few days to process your online application. Once approved, they will email you letting you know your status. 

2. After you are approved, you simply log into your State of CO MMJ Registry account and print out your card. Bring your MMJ Card with you to dispensaries to start saving.

Holos Health Medical Marijuana Cards

Get Results with Dr. Cohen

Dr. Joe Cohen received his Doctor of Osteopathy degree and completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at a Yale University hospital before serving as department chairman in Ob/Gyn and pediatrics and the director of The Center for Integrative Therapies at Longmont United Hospital.


He then had the opportunity to work with Shoshoni and Arapaho women in Wyoming, as well as Maori women in New Zealand. Before retiring from a 30-year career as an obstetrician, Dr. Cohen had the honor of assisting nearly 10,000 women and families in birthing their children.


Today, he specializes in Women’s Health, Functional Medicine, and Cannabis Medicine. From BHRT treatment for menopausal women to hemp-based therapies for chronic inflammation and Autoimmune Disease, Dr. Cohen is dedicated to identifying and eliminating triggers of disease and helping the body to heal naturally.


To learn more about Colorado MMJ Card Requirements click here.

What Our Patients Say

"Dr. Cohen is great! He listens to your concerns and helps to come up with the most effective treatments. Their quick whole-body scan provides a wealth of whole body information that gives a quick overview of your body, weight, fat, muscle strength. Very helpful for diet and body goals."

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