We have had the distinct privilege of working with children diagnosed with serious chronic conditions like cancer, autism, and seizure disorders, and have seen remarkable transformations with cannabinoid medicine. Our doctors will work with you to develop a comprehensive Integrative and Cannabis/CBD treatment regimen for your child, and will make sure you have legal state access to their medicine.

All states with medical cannabis programs currently have laws allowing under 18 minors to have access to medical cannabis with the assistance of a caregiver/parent. The form of cannabis (oils, edibles, etc), cannabinoids permitted (THC, CBD, etc.), and potency limits vary state-to-state. *In Colorado, an under 18 patient must receive two Physician Certifications from medical cannabis doctors that will be provided to you and submitted to the state after your appointment. 


Please read through the list below in its entirety to ensure that you will be fully prepared for your upcoming appointment. Your successful preparation enables our office to fully assist you in applying for your child's medical marijuana license through the State of Colorado.



1. Complete the Under 18 Cannabis/CBD Intake Form (below) and upload, email, or fax ALL required documents.

*If your child is a returning patient with us, please call us so we can verify if we need any medical records.

2. New Patients must also complete the HIPAA/Policies Form (below).

QUESTIONS? CALL US AT 720-273-3568


These documents may be uploaded when completing the Cannabis Intake Form (below), or can be emailed or faxed to our office. Our email and fax number are listed below.

1. Copies of both parents IDs. At least one parent must be a Colorado resident with a current CO ID or CO Driver's License. 

***If a secondary parent is not involved, you will also need to provide at least one of these specific documents:

Copy of secondary parents out of state ID if parent lives out of state.

Certified copy of secondary parents death certificate if parent is deceased.

Copy of court issued sole custody order if secondary parent does not have any custody.

Copy of custody documents if you are not the parent but have legal guardianship.

2. Certified Copy of the Birth Certificate for your child. 

3. Medical Records from a Primary Care Physician or Specialist stating your child has a state recognized qualifying condition. The state qualifying conditions are: CANCER, GLAUCOMA, HIV/AIDS, CACHEXIA, SEVERE NAUSEA, SEVERE PAIN, MUSCLE SPASMS, PTSD, SEIZURES, AUTISM, or OPIOID REPLACEMENT THERAPY. 

4. Notarized Minor Patient Consent Form. 
*If one parent lives out of state, they do not need to sign the consent form. If both parents live in-state, both parents need to sign the consent form in front of a notary. You may download the form here, or download the form attachment from your emailed appointment confirmation.

​Please send ALL of the above documents to our office as soon as possible via intake form (below), email or fax. This ensures that our doctors can be fully prepared for your appointment. Thank you!

Email: frontdesk@holoshealth.org

Fax: 720-612-4271

Questions? Call us at 720-273-3568


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