Holos Health is proud to introduce Colorado’s first Cannabis Education Nursing Center for both medical and recreational cannabis users.

Cannabis medicine is an ever-evolving field of science, requiring a trusted medical professional to stay informed and educated about the latest information and breakthroughs. Holos Health uniquely combines trained medical doctors with a knowledgeable nursing staff to give patients access to the best information and care available.

Every human is different and everybody responds to cannabis differently. Therefore, there is no single, perfected way to use cannabis for the effective treatment of any ailment or medical condition. We recognize that this can cause confusion, frustration and even fear in those considering seeking help from this amazing plant.

The Cannabis Education Nursing Center is part of Holos Health’s integrative medicine practice, dedicated to continuing patient support and education. We combine functional medicine with cannabis treatment to be your premier resource for holistic healing.

Whether you are already treating as a medical patient, or just a recreational user looking for answers to your questions about cannabis and your health, our caring staff is here to support you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

Our nursing staff is currently available by phone appointments only.



Get the answers to all your questions!

While it’s important to see a doctor about serious medical conditions, not all people using cannabis need to be under a doctor’s supervision. Our registered nurses are available to answer cannabis and dosing questions for both recreational and medical cannabis users.

*Nurses can not issue medical cannabis cards.




This online service is for current Holos patients who need a personalized letter documenting:


  • Your need for Medical Cannabis. Please note this is not for Medical Cannabis Cards.

  • Emotional Support Animal Letters, or

  • Probation/Court Letters


After reviewing your case, the nurse will email you the required letter. This is an online (not an in-person) appt only. 



our trained nursing staff is here to help:

• cannabinoid education

• dosing adjustments based on doctor recommendations

(for current Holos Health medical patients only)

• product recommendations

• help with dispensary recommendations

• guidance through the many cannabis delivery methods

• guided recreational educational and product use