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Cannabis has been used medicinally for 5,000 years, and there are no recorded deaths from overdose. The human body contains natural receptors for cannabinoids, the medicinal part of the plant, and produces its own cannabinoids for homeostasis and balance. No other plant or medicine treats as many conditions with so few side effects. 

Dr. Joe Cohen has been providing the highest quality medical cannabis evaluations in the state of Colorado since 2010. Our staff is well versed in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's medical cannabis regulations, and we provide full preparation of paperwork as required by the state of Colorado. We are available for follow-up visits and can provide comprehensive care to our patients.

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​​To qualify to apply for a Medical Marijuana License patients must have one of the following state qualifying conditions:

  • P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Patients must be a current resident of Colorado. A Colorado driver's license or identification card is best. First time applicants may use other forms of ID, please visit the state's website for these requirements. 

Renewal applicants must not apply more than 30 days ahead of time. 

For patients under 21 years of age,our office requires that relevant medical records are presented at the time of your appointment.

Click here to view the Department of Public Health and Environment's website: CDPHE

You may call CDPHE at: 303 692 2184. 

Completed electronic application packet includes:
Physician Certificate
State Fee (paid online by credit card or check)

Completed electronic application for patients under 18 includes:
Physician #1 form
Physician #2 form
Parental consent form (signed by parents/guardians listed on birth certificate and notarized)
Both parent/guardian ID's
Copy of patients birth certificate
State fee (paid online by check or credit card)

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Medical Cannabis Evaluations