Learning Objectives Include:

  • ​Basic understanding of the Endocannabinoid system 
  • Understanding the relationship between THC & CBD
  • Understanding how to recommend cannabis to treat a wide variety of disorders including:

​                    Autoimmune disorders


                    Neurodegenerative disease

                    Pain, spasms & addiction

                    Sleep & rest disorders

                    Cannabis as a body-mind medicine

Through this course we will help you to gain confidence and an in-depth understanding of how to recommend cannabis as a medicine in order to enhance your client's health!

Course offerings are on Saturdays from 11 AM - 4 PM at 
1127 N. Pennsylvania St. Denver, CO 80203​​​
Course includes a provided lunch as well as an InBody 570 body composition testing.
Certification of Bud-tender Education provided upon completion of the course.
Introductory registration fee for this course is $60 

Dr. Cohen is an expert in cannabis medicine having providing recommendations for over 7 years in Boulder. He is a faculty member of the Holistic Cannabis Academy, educates physicians throughout the country and is writing "The Cannabis Friendly Guide to Wellness."

A limited number of seats will be available for each class session. Please call our office at 720-273-3568 or click the button below to reserve your seat! 

Dr. Joe Cohen in conjuction with the Holos Health team is happy to announce bud-tender training classes at our Denver location! 

Bud-tender Education Classes