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Located in South Boulder, Holos Health has emerged as Colorado's premiere Medical Marijuana Evaluation facility. Dr. Cohen and Holos Health have a well established reputation for consistently providing the most quality and compliant Medical Marijuana Evaluation service in a professional environment, by an experienced and knowledgeable staff. 

We are NOT a mill and truly care about your overall health and well-being.  We are a full-time medical office providing preventive (not acute) care.  Dr. Cohen trains other professionals in medical cannabis while combining its use with nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation (functional medicine).  He is currently writing his new book: "The Cannabis Friendly Guide to Wellness" which should be available in early 2016.  Our office has been voted "Best of Boulder" by our patients for the past 3 years.

We recommend that new patients schedule a 30-minute visit.  All patients may combine a cannabis evaluation (at no extra charge) with a full one-hour wellness consultation.  Please see our online scheduler or call our office for details.

We are here to assist you towards feeling your best! 

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Holos Health's Mission
The journey toward physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health can be difficult for everyone. There are many stressors that can prevent us from being both well and happy. If we can determine, and then remove, the triggers that cause disease, we can begin the road to true healing. We are committed to helping our clients find their path to healing utilizing an approach that incorporates body, mind and spirit. We honor the uniqueness of every client’s personal journey toward wellness and know that we are only facilitators of that healing. Everyone who places their trust in us, will be treated with kindness, compassion and respect. We are committed to giving our clients the tools necessary to insure optimal health and that can be handed down to future generations.

If you have an ongoing chronic condition and have not experienced improvement, it may be time to consider a new approach. In addition to compliant and thorough Medical Cannabis evaluations, Dr. Cohen works side by side with a well-rounded team of practitioners.

Services in our office include:

Functional Medicine
Women's Health
Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Medical Cannabis Evaluations
Bodywork and Massage
Eden Energy Healing
Nutrition and Exercise Counseling
Benzodiazepine Weaning Program
Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease including type 2 diabetes, senile dementia, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease and metabolic syndrome.

Please visit www.journey2life.org for more information about all of our holistic services.

This is what our patients are saying...

"Dr. Cohen actually cares!  If you have a real medical problem, and are interested in finding REAL medical applications for Marijuana, Dr. Cohen is the guy for you. We talked for 30 minutes about my issues, and it was clear that Dr. Cohen is passionate about helping people who are suffering, and that he has outstanding knowledge about medical marijuana. Also, if you have auto-immune issues or food allergies, you NEED to speak with him. Dr. Cohen is a real doctor... not just a guy who gives you a pass for weed." - N.T

"This is an extremely wonderful place to avail yourself of the organic healing remedies of MMJ. It is a high-end, professional, respectable facility for adults. It lends integrity to the MMJ profession and sets a new standard for all dispensaries. Dr. Cohen and his staff are professional, holistic and responsive to all concerns. Absolutely, I recommend them." - D.B.

"My first appointment with Dr. Cohen was in January of 2014. At the time I was taking Lisinopril for hypertension; my blood pressure would often be 155 over 95, or worse. I was also on Simvastatin for extremely high cholesterol levels, this being further complicated by the fact my fasting glucose measurements had reached the levels of Adult Onset Diabetes. While I was fit and active, I was without a doubt overweight as well. 

But none of these issues were why I was in Dr. Cohen’s office that day.  I was there because of pain.  The degree of pain I was experiencing at that time is almost impossible for me to describe.  And after contending with it for thirty years, it was now beginning to leave me totally incapacitated.  I had been on all the typical pain medications:  oxycodone, diazepam and huge amounts of ibuprofen, as well as a significant number of cortisone injections in my spine.  Now I was sitting in Dr. Cohen’s office in the desperate hope that Cannabis would help me some with this problem.

At this first meeting, Dr. Cohen surprised me.  This is something that is very difficult for a doctor to do.  I know doctors, for during all those years that I had struggled with pain I had seen a very large number of them.   But Dr. Cohen is not one of these doctors; he is something very unique and very special indeed.  For example, Dr. Cohen spoke to me very openly about his own experiences and explained how his experiences related to me and my struggles, something no doctor has ever done before.  He then he told me, to my huge surprise,  to read two books, WHEAT BELLY by William Davis, MD and GRAIN BRAIN by David Perlmutter, MD.

It all came to this. On one of the last days of December, 2014, eleven months after the first, I had my second appointment with Dr. Cohen.  The intervening eleven months, between the first and second appointments, had seen nothing less than a miracle.   Now my glucose levels are best described as low normal, my blood pressure is that of a healthy 20 year old - I’m 74 -and I no longer take Lisinopril.   Further, I am off Simvastatin with cholesterol levels I could brag about.  And I have at the same time lost around forty pounds, almost without even noticing.  On top of all of this, believe it or not, I am pain free, totally pain free for the first time in over thirty years.  And although Cannabis was truly a life saver when it came to pain management initially, I only very rarely use it now.

I told Dr. Cohen during that second appointment that he was my hero, and I meant it, he is! But I know have a question for all of those many doctors who preceded him — Why did not one of you even mention those very things that Dr. Cohen brought to my attention and so thoughtfully explained? Perhaps you all need an appointment with Dr. Cohen. I for one, think so." -A.P.

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